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a mug with the text 'the adventure begins'. Lake landscape in the background.
Thing #1

Making connections

The Thing that helps you build a researcher community & initiate your pod.

a mug with the text 'the adventure begins'. Lake landscape in the background.
Thing #2


The Thing that sets the groundwork for your building your own website

Computer Keyboard
Thing #3

Websites (part 2)

The Thing that goes into further depth about Wix, & using your own website for profile building & networking.

a photo of piles of paper
Thing #4


The Thing about blogging & creating the profile you want to project.

Lenses in front of a magazine
Thing #5


The Thing about collaborative software and working effectively remotely

an icon of two people
Thing #6

Successful supervision

The Thing that explores tools for fostering productive supervisory relationships.

an Instagram image showing a female in yellow top in front of physics calculations. The text 'Quantum Tech' on the left of the woman.
Thing #7

Social media 

The Thing that looks at using social media for personal and informal communication.

An Instagram photo showing quantum physics equipment.
Thing #8

Social media (part 2)

The Thing that looks at using social media for professional and academic purposes.

Organized Files on a shelf
Thing #9

Data management

The Thing that introduces data management plans and raises questions of ethics.

an image showing a computer screen with the word solution on the screen
Thing #10


The Thing that introduces you to infographics and presentation tools.

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a crowd of people
Thing #11

Crowd sourcing

The Thing that encourages you to explore the ways you can contribute to another project or crowd source for your own.

icons of computers connected with each other
Thing #12

Networks & networking

The Thing that discusses face-to-face and online networking.

the icon of LinkedIn
Thing #13


The Thing about employment profile and employability skills learning.

the silouette of a person standing on a rock in front of an open landscape
Thing #14

Well-Being and Staying Motivated

The Thing about achievable goals, rewards, and community-building.

a wall of empty post-it notes
Thing #15

Long-term planning (1)

The Thing about careers planning and handling employment uncertainty.

Cogs and a Pencil
Thing #16

Diversifying your Audience

The Thing that considers writing for diverse audiences and mixing your research interests

an image of water ripples
Thing #17

Measuring research impact

The Thing about altmetrics and bibliometrics.

a cartoon image of avatars on laptop screens
Thing #18

Presentations & hosting

The Thing about effective virtual presentations.

a section of the creative commons licences logo
Thing #19


The Thing about copyright for researchers.

a drawing of an eagle attacking ostriches
Thing #20

Open access & open research

The Thing that thinks about how we work in research.

Typing on the Computer
Thing # 21

Teaching ethics & thinking strategically

The Thing that thinks about inclusion and online teaching.

a boy speaking in front of an audio recording device
Thing #22


The Thing that considers podcasting as public engagement.

a photo of a neon sigh of a question mark
Thing #23

What's next

The Thing that wraps up 23 Things!

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