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Thing #1

Making connections

The Thing that helps you build a researcher community & initiate your pod.

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Thing #2


The Thing that sets the groundwork for your building your own website

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Thing #3

Websites (part 2)

The Thing that goes into further depth about Wix, & using your own website for profile building & networking.

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Thing #4


The Thing about blogging & creating the profile you want to project.

Thing #5


The Thing about collaborative software and working effectively remotely

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Thing #6

Successful supervision

The Thing that explores tools for fostering productive supervisory relationships.

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Thing #7

Social media 

The Thing that looks at using social media for personal and informal communication.

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Thing #8

Social media (part 2)

The Thing that looks at using social media for professional and academic purposes.

Organized Files
Thing #9

Data management

The Thing that introduces data management plans and raises questions of ethics.

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Thing #10


The Thing that introduces you to infographics and presentation tools.

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Thing #11

Crowd sourcing

The Thing that encourages you to explore the ways you can contribute to another project or crowd source for your own.

Thing #12

Networks & networking

The Thing that discusses face-to-face and online networking.

Thing #13


The Thing about employment profile and employability skills learning.

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Thing #14

Well-Being and Staying Motivated

The Thing about achievable goals, rewards, and community-building.

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Thing #15

Long-term planning (1)

The Thing about careers planning and handling employment uncertainty.

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Thing #16

Diversifying your Audience

The Thing that considers writing for diverse audiences and mixing your research interests

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Thing #17

Measuring research impact

The Thing about altmetrics and bibliometrics.

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Thing #18

Presentations & hosting

The Thing about effective virtual presentations.

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Thing #19


The Thing about copyright for researchers.

Thing #20

Open access & open research

The Thing that thinks about how we work in research.

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Thing # 21

Teaching ethics & thinking strategically

The Thing that thinks about inclusion and online teaching.

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Thing #22


The Thing that considers podcasting as public engagement.

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Thing #23

What's next

The Thing that wraps up 23 Things!