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Hi my name is Mig I am a senior teaching fellow at the Guildford School of Acting at the University of Surrey. I have spent my career as a production lighting technician and designer for live events and theatre shows. I now teach lighting and health and safety to the production students alongside my passion for working on creative live events.

My interest lies in mental health and well being, and using creative arts to help promote awareness, reduce stigma and help with research in the social science field. Project "Blackout" was my first project creating an immersive 6 minute autobiographical installation showing you what it would be like to be inside the mind of a patient with Bipolar disorder. I worked alongside Dr Paul Hanna research director of Clinical Psychology here at the University of Surrey. We had lots of fun working together and evaluating the audience participants to discover what people's perceptions were of Bipolar disorder and if this project helped to educate and reduce stigma around this condition.

I am fascinated with linking the creative artistic world with the scientific world of research, and finding visually stimulating ways to help gather data. I have created a non profit design consortium called Fuse Arts. A group of production designers from the theatrical world from various disciplines in sound, lighting video and creative directing. We are dedicated to using cutting edge technology to explore unique immersive and interactive ways of engaging new audiences. We exist at the intersection of art, science, education and technology and believe that immersive performance art can and should be a catalyst in provoking discussion on social issues and encouraging real change.

I love being artistic and I get a real buzz out of creating new work and collaborating with others to come up with new and innovative ideas. I am very much looking forward to being a part of 23 things and meeting everyone.


Blackout - 360 degree video of the 6 minute installtion.



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