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How it Works

23Things is a combination of self-guided learning to suit any timetable, collaborative working in small groups, and a week-by-week structure to help you keep on track.

The course starts 7th March and runs for 14 weeks.

Each week we will release 2 related  'Things', each of which is a short blog post about a useful piece of software, a website, or research technique, with suggestions for further exploration and reading. The blogs are an introduction to common and easily accessed tools, with expert advice and examples.

Participants are grouped into 'pods' with researchers at other institutions but with overlapping research interests. It's a chance to build international networks and work together to get the most out of the programme. There will be some blog activities to do together with your pod, and support available for setting up the best collaboration platform for your group. For 2022 we are pleased to introduce an 'engagement mentor' to help you get the most out of your pod interaction.

We also have a few 'live' events in the calendar, such as a 48-hour international writing retreat run in shift by staff at different institutions - great for the nightowls among you!

At the end of the programme there will be a chance to reflect and meet with other participants. We'll ask you to complete a questionnaire and (if interested) a focus group, so that we can understand what has worked well and what can be improved.

On completion of the course, you get a certificate and unique digital badge.


To get started:


The registration link will be open until 25tth February. Fill in the form, and we will contact you once we have organised all participants into their pods.


You will also want to subscribe to the blogs by filling in the box at the bottom of the home page. That way you won't miss a thing.


Finally, to use the forum you will need to request to become a site member. This will be manually approved once the programme starts; thanks for your patience! 

                             Some FAQs for any other questions...

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