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Thing #1

Getting Started!

Meet your pod and get set up on the website.

Links to Things will go live as they are released each week.

Image by Jodie Cook
Thing #2

Presenting and Hosting online

The Thing that considers how to make online events engaging and accessible.

Image by John Schnobrich
Thing #3

Working Better Online

The Things that considers working together remotely, for projects, publications or supervision.

Image by Gyan Shahane
Thing #4

Building Research Culture

The Thing about creating a constructive and supporting scholarly community.

Image by mojtaba mosayebzadeh
Thing #5

Research and Supervision Relationships

The Thing about building successful professional relationships in research.

Image by Viktor Forgacs
Thing #6

Open Access

The Thing that explores the what, why and how of Open Access

Image by Tijs van Leur
Thing #7

Crowdsourcing and public engagement

The Thing that asks about the wisdom of crowds, and involving the public in what you do.

Image by Heramb kamble
Thing #8

Creative Sharing of Research

The Thing that considers alternative approaches to sharing your research.

Image by Stillness InMotion
Thing #9

Measuring Research Impact

The Things that snoops into your bibliometrics and altmetrics.

Image by Hal Gatewood
Thing #10

Websites (1)

The Thing that invites your to plan and prepare your own website for professional use.

Image by John Schnobrich
Thing #11

Websites (2)

The Thing that discusses some more practical aspects of website design - and challenges you to make your own!

Image by Anastasiia Tarasova
Thing #12

Staying Motivated

The Thing that helps you keep on going.

Image by Alina Grubnyak
Thing #13

Data Management Tools

The Thing that gets excited about quality data management.

Image by Will Francis
Thing #14


The Thing that discusses podcasts and how to make them.

Image by Ian Schneider
Thing #15

Career planning

The Thing concerning career planning for researchers in an unpredictable world.

Image by Matt Flores
Thing #16

Linked In

The Thing that guides you through LinkedIn for professional networking.

Image by Tim Mossholder
Thing #17


The Thing about making our design, writing and presentations inclusive and adaptive.

Image by Stephen Phillips -
Thing #18

Publication Strategy

The Thing about planning and placing your publications for maximum effectiveness.

Image by Jakob Owens
Thing #19

Social Media

The Thing about using different social media platforms to connect with researchers and raise your profile.

Image by CDC
Thing #20

Presenting Data beautifully

The Thing that really, really likes infographics and effective use of images.

Image by Thom Milkovic
Thing # 21


The Thing concerning copyright in academia.

Image by Kirill Sh
Thing #22

Networks and networking

The Thing that makes it easier to make connections, online or in person.

Image by Karl Magnuson
Thing #23

International collaboration

The last Thing! Where will your adventure go next?