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Thing 0.5 : Welcome and Getting Started

Hello, and welcome to 23Things International. This should be fun.


This is your first ‘Thing’, and we’re basically asking you to get set up for the programme ahead, with some simple tasks:


1) Make sure you have subscribed to the blog, so that you will receive notifications of updates and new Things. Just complete the box at the bottom of the home page and click ‘Subscribe Now’.

2) Create a members login for the site and take a look at the forum. This is a space for people to share ideas, discuss the Things in more detail, and meet the rest of the 23T community. Come and say hi! If you click on ‘Members’ on the home page you’ll be invited to log in or create a new profile. Tell us a little bit about yourself, and maybe even add a photo.

3) You should by now have received an email from Mike Rose connecting you to your pod members. Please introduce yourself to your pod and decide between you how you are going to communicate over the course of the programme. This can be by whatever means you prefer – Teams, Slack, email, Whatsapp, Discord or Twitter, for example. The more everyone puts in, the more you’ll get from taking part. Over the course of 23T, there will be invitations to discuss and share with your pods, and they can be great spaces for developing future collaborations.


Points will be awarded for the best pod-name.


If you have not yet received your pod introduction

(and have checked your junk mail), please email



For other questions, please contact the

representative for your organisation in the first instance.

We’re delighted to have you on board! Thing 2 will be popping up shortly to also get you thinking about setting up your own simple website, which there will be opportunities to add to over the course of the programme.

THIS is what Ready looks like.   Photo b
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